The "Hall of Shame" has several functions.

For one, it is meant as a memorial to distinguished hike organisers, and active members
including the most embarrassing photos we could find.

There is also a reocrd of injuries.


People / Injuries

TWMC Hall of Shame - People

John Payne, co-founder of the club. No other photos of him appear to exist.
  Robin Haw, former TWMC secretary.
Now he is apparently the chief gorilla in the zoo of Toronto/Canada

 Andreas and Mei.

Admittedly not really a picture for the Hall of Shame, but the only one we have of them.


 Kouichi, he founded the club together with John

The TWMC on the Elbrus,
Europe's highest mountain!

Not really, but one of our members, Slava
(Stanislav Fedorenko) went there in 2001.

Bjoern & Iulia, a couple of charismatic organizers. Bjoern was a Mac geek with which he designed current TWMC HP as a "ruthlessly efficient" secretary, and of course Iulia was always competing with Bjoern's Mac with her cheerful talk and sexy legs!

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TWMC Hall of Shame - Injuries

Luckily, there were no serious injuries yet on TWMC trips. In fact, only 3 are worth mentioning.

Paul popped his knee on the Oze trip of 1998, and he promised to provide MRI scans of his knee for this page many years ago ...

Then there is Björns fall on the 2001 downhill skiing trip. He managed to fall on the easiest part of
the easiest slope of the Alts resort on Bandai-san, where in fact the only difficulty is not to stop.
It was said that he was looking at some cute Japanese girls but this account was denied by Björn. It is
undeniable, however, that he had a second fall at the very same place a few descents later when a really
cute snowboarding girl bumped into him from behind.

Be this as it may, below is an MRI scan of his right upper arm, a vertical slice from the front (left) to the back (right).
After some confusion (the doctors initially scared Björn shitless by diagnosing he had torn his rotator cuff) it
turned out that the arm was "only" broken after all, though in a somewhat awkward way. You can see that
a chunk broke out off the upper arm bone opposite to the joint with the shoulder. The white blob in the
centre of the image is the bone, the broken out piece is visible to the upper left of it.

Also note the interesting back translation of Björns name from Katakana into Romaji.
Klotz Björn became Kurotutu Biyorun.

Finally there is Stefans knee injury at the 2001 Kamikochi trip. The MRI scan below doesn't really show anything, but he had to be flown out by helicopter!


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