Downhill Ski trip, February 17-18, 2001

(organised by Cedric Morel)


photo by Iulia and Björn

There are no pictures of Cedric or Lionel, they were off on the "black" slopes where we others did not dare to go.

Adriaan snowboarding. Unfortunately he
refused to release the photo Björn took
of him falling.

Björn skiing. Unfortunately nobody took
a picture of his famous fall on the easiest
part of the easiest slope (see below).

Safety is more than just a word for lifts
in Japan. This one even has a steel tube
you can hold on to.

MRI scan of Björns right shoulder. The big
white blob in the middle is the upper arm
bone where it joins the shoulder. You can see
the chunk that broke off.
The other notable thing is the back-translation
of Björns name from Katakana into Romaji
(Klotz Björn became Kurotutu Biyorun).





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