Night Hike,

September 28, 2003

(organised by Nicolas Delerue)

Photos and comments by Nicolas, Sveta and Jan.

Report by Nicolas

Good food before a trip is a half of success

Night lights: the group of ghosts

They didn't know yet that in several hours they would miss the sunrise

Tadashi and Jan: sweet couple

Where is sunrise, Maybe we are too early, let's wait!

somebody promised me sunrise

Where is the Sun?

nearly made it to the sunrise

On the summit of Wagakuni after missing the sunrise, but still smiling

Smiling team: nothing can be too bad if there are friends around

Hike report by Nicolas

The night hike is over and both cars came back safely to Tsukuba.

The start of the hike was unusually late (for the club standard): 9pm and... nobody came to 7/11 as almost everybody went directly to El Torito (and EVERYBODY was almost on time at El Torito!).

During our dinner Tadashi joined us and later Jirka and Vitalik also came (but just to say "bye" before leaving Japan).

Around 23:30 we left El Torito. We were 8 hikers (Will, Jan, James, Saswattee, Ginny, Tadashi, Sveta and Nicolas) and 2 cars. After a stop at a convenience store, we drove to the end of the hike where we left a car at 1:00am. At 1:30 we started hiking from Atago Jinja in Iwama.

Weather was fine and we could see many stars in the sky(*) and the lights of the kanto plain through the trees.

(*) Someone claims that he even saw an octuple (8) star, but I believe that the Tequila added a few stars to the count.

At around 3:00am we were in advance on the schedules and we made a long eating break (can we call that a lunch break at 3:00am?).

Then the path became a bit slipery and some of us were slowed down. At 5:00am we realized that we were a bit behind the schedules and those who could hurried to the summit of Wagakuni-san, but they reached it too late for the sunrise at 5:30. We enjoyed the view from the summit anyway and after a long breakfast/supper break we left these beautiful views around 6:30am to go back in the valley. Tadashi and Nicolas went first to go get the cars. The last hikers reached Fukuhara station around 8:45 and we left around 9:00 am. At 10:00am we were all back in Tsukuba tired but happy after that unusual hiking experience.

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