March 8, 2003

(organised by Viswanath Ajay Mallia)

Report and photos by Ajay.

Narukami-yama is located 103 km northwest of Tsukuba in the city of Kiryu. We started our journey at 6:00 am. On the way the nice view of Fuji-san cheered us and as means Sunday turns to be really a sunny day. We were so courageous that the wild boar hunting on our trails and bear in the forest doesn't make us sad and we were determined to climb the mountain. Yea!! I remember, some of us want an encounter with the wild animals (but alas or fortunate) and was talking about the taste of the wild boar meat. At some places the leaves of the trees were fighting against the sunrays and restricted its entrance. All of us enjoyed hiking, walking through the thick forest, snowing at the top of the mountain, slippery ice trails and also waterfalls at the finishing point. Here are some pictures. Cheers! :)ajay

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